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Today is: 26 September 2023

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During His earthly ministry, Jesus described the many great and wonderful things that we as believers-the church-would be able to do through His name. God intends for the church to be the visible, physical representative of the Kingdom of Heaven here on earth. Believers are called to show the world its power and majesty. Would it be too absurd to ask the simple question, "What extraordinary, including supernatural things did Jesus say believers would be able to do?"

From this point you will discover that there are so many components that really help to define what the true church should be like, and an inspired desire to acquire these abilities should blossom! From Heaven to You intends to open your understanding as well as your eyes to the things that Jesus described as your abilities through Him, and as God intended!

Believing that the average Christian believer can do much more, Dr. M.L. Johnson has taken a special walk with God, asking Him questions about certain things plaguing the church of mediocrity today, and God has been faithful to provide the answers! As a Christian, is your walk based upon a system of religion or a relationship with God? This is a very important question that only you could answer. True power and influence in heaven stems from your relationship with God through His Son!

So much is available to the Christian believer -power, spiritual gifts, knowledge, identity-and more! However, so many opportunities to bring successful solutions to even the most simple of circumstances are often lost because of obstacles such as traditions, doctrines, denominationalism and simply lack of Biblical teaching. This book places the opportunities into your hands by showing you that you can do greater works because Jesus himself said that you would!

In the Master's Service...

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