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Today is: 28 September 2022

Christian Denominations Print E-mail

ImageA denomination, in the Christian sense of the word, is an identifiable religious body under a common name, structure, and/or doctrine. Christianity is composed of four major divisions of Churches: Roman Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, Oriental Orthodox and Protestant.

Low Voter Turnout Print E-mail
Elections are the backbone of democracy. But  even with the recent upsurge in voter activism, many voters fail to turn out for House, Senate, and state elections meaning that those who do vote make the decisions for everyone else.
Matagorda County Print E-mail
Matagorda County is one of the oldest counties in Texas. Matagorda is a physiographic name made up of two Spanish words:  Mata, which means small brush, shrubs, blades, etc., and Gorda, which means fat, coarse thick, dense, etc. Matagordians prefer the obsolete Spanish definition Mata (slaughter) and Gorda (fat). The county is situated on both sides of the Colorado River.
35 Best Jobs for African Americans Print E-mail

Unfortunately, not many people are a stranger to the downward spiraling economy that began in December 2007 and continued to deplete throughout 2008. In fact, November 2008 marked some of worst numbers in decades in terms of job loss The unemployment rate among African Americans, for example, remained high at 11.2 percent.

What is Government? Print E-mail

A government is the body within a community, political entity or organization which has the authority to make and enforce rules, laws, and regulations. Typically, the term "government" refers to a civil government or sovereign state which can be either local, national, or international.

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